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This housing development is still in its early stages, which means that the details remain sketchy. However, we are currently in talks with a housing association. It will be building social rented housing and possibly some mid-market rental properties. We do not yet know the precise number and exact breakdown. Whatever happens, it will mean more affordable homes in the city. Once we have agreed on the partnership with the housing association, we will draw up a joint plan. One advantage is that the current zoning plan already permits residential construction. Currently, the idea is for the ground floor areas to be used for social amenities in the field of healthcare and education or other community functions.

The British School

Stopgap site

There have been plans to build homes on the British School plot for some time. Because quite a few Amsterdam schools are in need of renovation, the British School was briefly considered as a stopgap site for these schools. Following investigations, an alternative site was ultimately chosen. As a result, we can now continue with the housing development.

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