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Ukrainian refugees to be accommodated at Holiday Inn

Municipal executive member Rutger Groot Wassink and district councillor Flora Breemer have written to residents and business owners in the vicinity of the hotel about this. Reception locations are now being set up or opening their doors all over the city. Some refugees have already been received in various parts of the city. ‘Amsterdam wants to be a welcoming city where Ukrainian refugees can feel safe and recover’, write the two local officials. Hundreds of refugees have already reported to the RAI, which serves as the first registration point. From there, the refugees are directed to accommodation.

Rapid action

Due to the urgency of the situation, the City of Amsterdam is having to organize the shelters very rapidly. Ukrainian refugees are already able to go to the A&O Hostel in Zuidoost, the Savoy Hotel in Zuid and the Wow hotel in West. There is also a residential boat at Java Island and a second is on its way. Together, these locations can provide around 900 places. The municipality is also reserving a sports hall in Van Hogendorpstraat in West as an emergency reception location. Even more refugees are expected to arrive in the Netherlands from Ukraine in the near future. The search for additional reception locations therefore continues.


Many residents of the city are also offering accommodation. ‘It’s heart-warming that so many people want to help’, write Groot Wassink and Breemer. ‘At the moment we have so many offers flooding in. We will be looking at exactly what is needed in the near future.’

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