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€100 travel voucher for a sustainable, accessible Zuidas

Five hundred people living, working or studying in Zuidas will have a chance of receiving a €100 travel voucher. You could be one of them, if you sign up to take part in our travel survey. The travel vouchers can be used between 1 May and 15 July to travel by shared bike, shared scooter, shared car or public transport, using the Amaze app. By sharing your experiences, views and travel information, you will be helping us to make Zuidas as sustainable as possible.

Policy that helps

While many of us may be back at the office, working from home is here to stay. Hybrid working enables employers to encourage their employees to opt more often for off-peak travel or sustainable shared transport, reducing CO2 emissions in the process. But how do we motivate employees to make these choices? What are the factors that affect your decision? What has the most impact? We are exploring these questions in order to develop policy that helps. Should there be more or fewer providers of shared transport around Amsterdam Zuid station? Are shared bikes preferable to shared scooters? All of this will help us to better coordinate our plans, demand and supply.

Amaze App

In order to enable participants to travel sustainably, we are conducting our survey in partnership with the Amaze Mobility app. It allows you to find, book and use a shared bike, shared scooter, shared car and all public transport. It means you do not need an OV public transport card, do not have to make separate expense claims and pay nothing in advance. The Amaze app is available to download in the Apple Store and that Google Play Store.

Want to take part?

Do you live, work or study in Zuidas? If so, be sure to take part. If you would like to participate with your whole organisation, please contact us via

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