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Greenery, art bridge and restructuring work in central De Boelelaan

This concerns the section of De Boelelaan between Beethovenstraat and Parnassusweg. During the meeting in April, a landscape architect from the De Boelelaan Midden project team explained how the results of the public participation process had been incorporated in the draft design for the green section. It will be a park-like environment, with plenty of space for water and meeting places with seating. Pedestrians will be able to choose from a rapid route and a ‘roaming route’. In this design, it will also be possible to walk along decking next to the water. On the western side, there will be an area especially designated for dogs to be let out – an important point previously raised by residents.

The art bridge

We revealed the initial sketches of the art bridge in July 2020. Designed by Amsterdam artist Martijn Sandberg, the art bridge connects Zuidas with Buitenveldert at Rosy Wertheimstraat. We expect it will be possible to use the bridge from the summer of 2023.

Draft design of art bridge

Infrastructure and parking spaces

We are also redeveloping the infrastructure in this central section of De Boelelaan. For example, the service road will be developed as a road for cyclists, as a result of which half of the parking spaces will need to be removed. This is in line with motions approved by the City Council, but is attracting a lot of response from residents. It may be possible to include residents’ parking in the next phase of the project.

Information and report

To stay up-to-date with future developments concerning the restructuring of De Boelelaan, we recommend you keep a close eye on this construction project page (in Dutch). Although there is currently no information about the restructuring work on it, we expected it be updated very soon.

For more information, also read the report on the De Boelelaan Midden information meeting held on 12 April 2022 (in Dutch).

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