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Maintenance work at Amstelveenseweg station

We are replacing the old rails, the underlying concrete and the tramline paving between IJsbaanpad and Skûtjespad. At the same time, we are renovating part of the metro stop. We are creating more space for passengers to transfer onto the bus or tram by moving the metro access gates closer to the platform. We are also making the crossing to the bus and tram stops, which passes over the cycle path, less complicated. Public transport passengers can use the eastern entrance (on the VU site) during the maintenance work. The western entrance has been closed.

Noise nuisance and diversion

In order to keep disruption to a minimum, we are doing the works simultaneously. Since this will continue throughout the night, it may cause noise nuisance for local residents. During the maintenance work, Amstelveenseweg will be accessible from a northerly direction up to IJsbaanpad. Drivers travelling further south will be diverted via Parnassusweg and will be able to rejoin Amstelveenseweg via De Boelelaan. Fred. Roeskestraat will only be accessible to traffic travelling north across Amstelveenseweg from a southerly direction.

Diversions for cars and freight traffic

Cyclists and pedestrians

The footpath/cycle path in front of the western entrance to Amstelveenseweg metro station is closed during the maintenance work. Cyclists and pedestrians coming from a northerly direction can use the crossing next to IJsbaanpad to reach the entrance to the metro station on the other side – this eastern entrance will remain in use during the maintenance work. Because of the works, it may also be necessary to close the crossing next to IJsbaanpad. If that happens, there will be a diversion from Stadionplein slightly further to the north.

Tram 24

Tram 24, that normally runs from Stadionweg, via Amstelveenseweg to De Boelelaan, will have its route shortened and not go beyond Stadionplein. After that it will go to a temporary terminus in the Haarlemmermeercircuit, where passengers can transfer to buses 62 (GVB), 347 or 357 (both Connexxion) in order to reach De Boelelaan.

More comfortable transfers

At a later stage, further measures will be put in place to make it more pleasant to use this public transport interchange, including the installation of a noise barrier between the stops and the vehicle lanes

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