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Major maintenance work starts in Wielingenstraat

We are completely relandscaping the section of Wielingenstraat between Scheldeplein and the junction with Herman Heijermansweg. With a separate cycle path on the housing side, optically narrowed lanes and a reduction in freight traffic, the street is set to become safer. We are also adding a new, green central reservation. The work is expected to take around 12 months in total, four months longer than we said in earlier reports. The delay is related to the work being done by Waternet: it will take longer to replace the sewer than was originally estimated.

Traffic in direction of Scheldeplein diverted

Throughout the 12-month period, it will still be possible to travel in the direction of Diepenbrockstraat and Beethovenstraat. Traffic heading towards Scheldeplein will be diverted. The exits from Haringvlietstraat and Eendrachtstraat will also be closed during the maintenance work. On the section of both streets heading towards Wielingenstraat, there will be two-way traffic, enabling vehicles to turn around and leave the neighbourhood in the direction of Scheldestraat or Churchilllaan. We will create space for a turning loop at the end of these streets. While the work is underway, we will be removing large numbers of parking spaces in Wielingenstraat and the surrounding streets. Residents and people living in the immediate vicinity of Wielingenstraat will therefore be able to park in the adjacent parking permit zone for the duration of the work.

This section of Wielingenstraat, in the direction of Scheldeplein, will be closed for a year

From the housing façades to the central reservation

In the period between 19 and 23 September, we will be closing Wielingenstraat to traffic in both directions. We will set up a temporary lane and a temporary cycle path that will remain in place until April 2023. Cyclists travelling in the direction of Diepenbrockstraat will be diverted via a temporary cycle lane during this period. After these preparations, on 26 September, we will start work on the section of Wielingenstraat from the housing façades up to the central reservation. Waternet is replacing the sewer in this period. We will then start repaving and begin working on the stand-alone cycle path, the new parking spaces and green central reservation. These will be ready for use from April 2023, when we will start work on the section of Wielingenstraat between the central reservation and the cycle path running past the RAI.

Less freight traffic

Because one direction of travel will no longer be possible, on the RAI site, an exit for freight traffic will be created on Europaboulevard. This will remain in place permanently. This means that even after work in Wielingenstraat has been completed, freight traffic will only leave the RAI site via the Europaboulevard. However, it will still be possible to enter the RAI site from Wielingenstraat. This new situation will result in a significant reduction in RAI freight traffic in Wielingenstraat.

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