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Concrete poured for renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station passageway

Passengers will not notice much change at this stage, but between the metro tracks, Nieuw-Zuid construction consortium is hard at work regenerating Amsterdam Zuid station on behalf of Zuidasdok. So far, most of the work has involved the construction of the additional passenger tunnel: the Brittenpassage. But the much bigger refurbishment job, on the existing Minervapassage, is not far off. Starting on the morning of Tuesday, 21 February, about 80 concrete trucks delivered around 800 m³ of concrete to the tight space between the metro tracks. A massive piece of steel formwork was ready and waiting to be poured full of concrete.

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The concrete had to be poured all at once. As soon as the first part had been poured, the Nieuw-Zuid workers began the power-floating process: levelling the floor until it is fully hardened. Finally, the roof was covered over. Closer to summer, this mammoth will be inserted into its permanent position: above Minervapassage. At a later stage, line 52 metro trains will run over it.

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It provided a first impression of how huge the Minervapassage will ultimately be. The roof section is actually 100 m long, because the new Minervapassage will be much wider than the existing one. There will be retail outlets and amenities on either side and the pedestrian area between it, currently just 12 m wide, will be a full 40 m in width.

Impression of the new Minervapassage

The renovation of the existing passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station is picking up pace this year. As a result, passengers are set to start noticing many changes in the passageway itself. According to the current schedule, the new Minervapassage will be completed by 2031.

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