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Public space around Tower Ten almost ready

The work on WTC Tower Ten is now almost complete. The same also applies to the public space around the brand-new building in Beethovenstraat. From Monday, 13 March until Friday, 5 May we will be spending eight weeks completing the final jobs: a new footpath is being added along Strawinskylaan, tram drivers are being given a platform on which to get on and off and we are replacing some overhead lines and the overhead lighting around the Strawinskylaan/Beethovenstraat junction. This is unlikely to cause much noise or disruption at all, except for during the final week when there will be a series of traffic diversions.

New pavement for Strawinskylaan

On weekdays between 07.00 and 19.00 between 13 March and 21 April, we will be removing part of the existing asphalt in Strawinskylaan alongside the front of Tower Ten. An illuminated footpath will be put here, running along Strawinskylaan to Beethovenstraat. Strawinskylaan will be narrowed for the whole of this period. Despite this, there will be no disruption because traffic can continue to travel in both directions. On the corner of Beethovenstraat, the contractor is working on the façade of Tower Ten. When this work has been completed, we will be planting several trees in designated containers in front of the main entrance. It will then be safe to reopen the cycle path.

The platforms in Strawinskylaan were recently widened

New train platform

From Monday, 24 until Wednesday, 26 April, we are replacing the platform where train drivers get on and off the trams. We are removing the existing asphalt next to the tram track and building a new platform in that position. This work will also be done on weekdays between 07.00 and 19.00 and Strawinskylaan will be narrowed, without any additional disruption for road users.

Overhead lines and lighting around junction

From Tuesday 2 until Friday 5 May, we will be replacing the overhead lighting and lines around the Strawinskylaan/Beethovenstraat junction. There will be road closures in various directions. In order to make it possible for trams and buses to run a normal service during this period, we are doing the work at night between 01.00 and 05.00. There will be various traffic diversions during these five nights depending on where we are working at that time. The diversion will be signposted locally and will add several minutes to journey times.

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