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Temporary shed for museum tram next to Jachthavenweg

In addition to the arrival of a new tram shed, other minor changes are also being made to the street paving in Jachthavenweg. In order to enable the work to be done safely and quickly, part of Jachthavenweg Oost will be closed. Drivers will not be able to turn left directly into Jachthavenweg from Skûtjespad. However, it will still be possible to reach Jachthavenweg Oost via Jachthavenweg West and Pramenpad. Although the parking spaces will not be available during the works, the cycle path will remain in use. All offices will continue to be accessible throughout the entire period.

Jachthavenweg diversion: 2 April to 28 June 2024

One-way traffic in Jachthavenweg

The shed for the museum tram line is expected to be taken into use by 1 July 2024. At that time, Jachthavenweg Oost will also be reopened to traffic. However, this will be one-way traffic: there will not be sufficient space next to the tram shed to allow two vehicles to pass each other safely. This traffic situation will remain in place for four years, until the tram shed moves to its permanent position on the Havenstraat site, which by then will have been transformed.

Traffic situation from July 2024 to 2028

Havenstraat site becomes new city neighbourhood

The Electric Museum Tram Amsterdam (EMA) currently still departs from the Havenstraat site, formerly the railway yard at Haarlemmermeerstation. Now a patchwork of warehouses and sheds, the area is set to be transformed into a new city neighbourhood in the years ahead. By 2028, there will be 500 homes there. There will also be a community centre, a family doctors’ practice and a primary school with a child daycare centre. It will also include a permanent shed for the museum tram. Until then, it will be given a temporary home next to Jachthavenweg Oost.

Location for the tram shed next to Jachthavenweg
Artist’s impression of the tram shed

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