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The EMA building will accommodate the European Medicines Agency. It will be constructed beside the A10 orbital motorway, next to the Cross Towers (the EY office). In addition to workstations for 900 employees, the building will also offer conference facilities.

The international nature of the EMA means the building must meet high standards. Every year, the EMA will welcome around 36,000 visitors and accommodate around 5,000 video conferences and 600 meetings. This will require substantial flexibility regarding the number of workstations, facilities for large and small private meetings and conference facilities.

Parties involved

The developer of the EMA building is the Central Government Real Estate Agency. The tendering process for the execution of the contract was opened on 16 October 2017 and the successful tender will be announced by the Central Government Real Estate Agency (which is also managing the tendering process) in March 2018.


The EMA’s social function means the building must exude sustainability, and as a result, it will be practically energy neutral. The goal is to attain a sustainability quality mark that exceeds even the BREEAM Excellent status.

Additional information

  • Height of building: 80 metres
  • 19 storeys
  • Space for 1,300 workstations
  • 38,500 m2 of office space and conference facilities
  • Parking facilities for approx. 100 cars and 750 bicycles
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