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De Key housing association is developing 216 apartments for first-timers in the future residential tower ‘Stepstone’. These will be the first of 2,700 homes to be built close to VU Amsterdam in the years ahead. Construction starts in 2022, with completion scheduled for 2024.

Designed by LEVS architects, the tower will be called Stepstone. Having received tenders and draft designs from three Dutch architects’ firms, De Key selected this design in consultation with the City. The social rented apartments will be in a tower 80 metres in height and are specifically intended for first-timers up to the age of 28. They will be permitted to live there for up to five years, after which the intention is for them to move on to another home.

Green courtyard garden, no cars

The apartments will vary in size from 25 sq. m. to 60 sq. m. The complex will have a roof terrace featuring a sports field, a large courtyard garden and a communal living room where residents can meet, organise activities, or work. There will be a storage area for bikes and scooters but no parking spaces for cars. The building will feature light materials and glass, numerous balconies, and vertical planting along the façades.

‘Innovation District’

In alliance with VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC, the City is developing a completely new neighbourhood, known as the Innovation District (or Knowledge District), in this part of Zuidas. The area is to the south of the A10, between Parnassusweg/Buitenveldertselaan, Amstelveenseweg, and A.J. Ernststraat. Stepstone will be located on Mahlerlaan, on the area of derelict land, next to The Pulse of Amsterdam and behind the Hourglass and NoMA House (offices of Loyens & Loeff and KraftHeinz) buildings. This is where we are building the ‘Innovation District’, with around 2,700 homes. There will also be space for knowledge-related businesses, a primary school, culture, and hospitality and catering. It will be a neighbourhood that brings together healthcare, science, and entrepreneurship. However, it will take quite some time before this development has been completed.

Important step

The realisation of Stepstone is an important step in this development. Construction has started in Q2 2022. It is scheduled for completion in 2024.

20230111 stepstone en the pulse [marcel steinbach] 01 20221201 Stepstone 008 [marcel steinbach] 20221201 Stepstone 007 [marcel steinbach] 20221201 Stepstone 006 [marcel steinbach] 20221201 Stepstone 005 [marcel steinbach] 20221201 Stepstone 004 [marcel steinbach] 20221201 Stepstone 003 [marcel steinbach] The Pulse vanaf VU SWT 20221201 Stepstone 002 [marcel steinbach] 20221201 The Pulse en stepstone 002 [marcel steinbach] 20221201 Stepstone 001 [marcel steinbach] 20221201 The Pulse en Stepstone 001 [marcel steinbach] 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 07 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 06 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 04 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 03 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 02 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 01 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 12 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 11 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 10 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 09 20221122 stepstone [marcel steinbach] 08 20220530 the pulse en stepstone vanaf vu-swt [Marcel Steinbach] 05 20220530 hourglass en the pulse vanaf tower ten [Marcel Steinbach] 06

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Construction work started on Stepstone on 1 April 2022. Boasting 216 rental apartments for first-timers, this is the largest social housing project so far in Zuidas. In the same neighbourhood, Kenniskwartier (Knowledge District), some 2,700 homes are being built in the years ahead.

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‘This will be a unique building, in a unique location, for a unique target group’, explains architect Adriaan Mout of LEVS Architects. He is the designer of the Stepstone apartment complex, which will be built for Woonstichting De Key in order to provide affordable housing for young people, right in the heart of Amsterdam Zuidas.