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Tree-felling operations for Zuidasdok to start soon

All of the trees along the southern section of the A10 orbital motorway, between the Amstel and De Nieuwe Meer junctions, will be cleared. This will make room for work to widen the motorway and run part of it through an underground tunnel. We will also clear the trees at the Amstel and De Nieuwe Meer junctions. These junctions will then be refurbished. Zuidasdok is scheduled for completion in 2028. The work will be carried out by the ZuidPlus construction consortium.

Pedestrian tunnel

We will start work on 19 February, near the offices of EY (formerly Ernst & Young). We will clear the trees between the A10 orbital motorway and the railway line, to make room for the construction of a bicycle and pedestrian tunnel. This will connect Spoorslag (the path north of the Goed Genoeg sports park) with the Beatrixpark.


A week later, starting on 26 February, we will start felling trees on the north side of Arnold Schönberglaan. Here we will be setting up a building site for construction work on a new passage, the Brittenpassage. The Brittenpassage is the additional passage for the renewed Amsterdam Zuid station. Seven trees along Eduard van Beinumstraat will be cleared, to make room for the demolition of the multi-storey car park. That structure has to go, to make room for Zuidasdok’s northern tunnel. The clearance of these trees and the demolition of the multi-storey car park will not be carried out by ZuidPlus. Instead, this work will be carried out by the J.P. van Eesteren construction company, which is also involved in the renovation of 2Amsterdam.

Site of tree-felling operation on Arnold Schönberglaan

Last-minute tree felling

The initial work on Zuidasdok is scheduled to take place at these three sites, so this is where our tree-felling operation will start. The entire operation will be based on the same approach, in which we will not remove any trees until it is absolutely necessary. We will also make allowance for the bird breeding season, of course. As a rule, no trees may be felled during this period.

Second lease of life

We want to give some of the wood from these trees a second lease of life. For instance, it could be used to make benches, nesting boxes, or other practical or beautiful objects. Whether or not that is successful depends on the ‘harvest’. The inventory of every tree to be felled in the project area only lists specimens with trunk diameters of eight centimetres or more. There are numerous trees with small trunk diameters on the embankments to either side of the southern section of the A10 orbital motorway and in the central reservation. So we will just have to wait and see how wood from the felled trees is to be used. If you have a great idea about a new use for this wood, please let us know by adding a comment below.

Return of the green areas

Following the completion of Zuidasdok, we will recreate as many green areas as possible. There will be fewer than before, but they will be of better quality. So we’re not trying to cram in as much vegetation as possible. Instead, our goal is to create attractive green areas that add genuine value to the area. Depending on the species and the trunk diameter, approximately 2,500 to 4,000 new trees will be planted in the project area. In addition, a different pattern of planting will be used. This will feature enhanced diversity, to strengthen the area’s ecology.

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