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Tendering process for Zuidas MaaS pilot launched

Companies that have qualified for the nationwide Framework Agreement can tender for the Zuidas MaaS pilot. Mobility as a Service aims to enable travellers to plan, book and pay for their entire journey digitally, using any mode of transport that they wish. This therefore includes shared cars, shared bikes, taxis, buses, metros and trains. At the end of last year, the Ministry selected 24 companies that can tender for the regional pilots. Zuidas is one of the seven MaaS pilots and will now be the first to launch.

Alternative to the car

For Zuidas, we are in search of a tenderer that is capable of working with committed employers on the rapid development of an attractive and sustainable alternative to the car. Because of the increasing traffic and the construction of Zuidasdok, accessibility will be under pressure in the years ahead. Construction work will mean that there will be reduced capacity on the southbound A10 for several years as well as reduced train and metro services during certain periods.

MaaS opportunity

We share the view of employer organisations and major employers that the restricted accessibility for cars during the years of construction work ahead offers a great opportunity for MaaS. This will enable an effective alternative to be offered for people’s own cars in order to reduce traffic congestion and contribute towards creating a better and sustainably accessible Zuidas.

Information for employers

If you are an employer in and around Zuidas who would like to help enable your employees to travel flexibly and happily, please contact us at We will be pleased to discuss the possibilities for you to participate as an employer.

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