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Zuidasdok causes a stir

In a previous newsletter, we told you that more time is needed for a proper, comprehensive design for Zuidasdok than was originally predicted. Zuidasdok is a complex and sizeable project. The area in which it is being realised is relatively small, intensively used and built up to a high level of density. Everyone understands that this kind of project requires very careful thought and planning. This is why a period of time was set aside between awarding the project to ZuidPlus (2017) and the start of construction in order to come up with a cohesive design: a so-called integrated preliminary design. It has already become clear in recent months that extra time is needed. The various causes for this are described in the six-monthly reports to our contracting authorities.

Preliminary design

Construction consortium ZuidPlus last week announced its intentions ‘to slim down’ its own organisation at least temporarily. This led to reports in the media. The issue of the integrated preliminary design was also raised. Over the last two months, the preliminary design has been assessed by the Zuidasdok project organisation. We were forced to conclude that it is not sufficiently ready for acceptance. Of course, ZuidPlus was notified about this.

Moving forward

The Zuidasdok project organisation and construction consortium ZuidPlus will continue talks to determine what the next step forward needs to be. Marcel Hertogh, a professor at Delft University of Technology, is acting as external expert in this process. He previously evaluated the tendering process for Zuidasdok. Our official contracting authorities (the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Transport Region and the Province of Noord-Holland) have indicated that they will make a decision before the construction industry’s official summer break. As soon as we know more, we will let you know.

Work continues

In the meantime, we continue our work on planned construction activities. Last weekend and in the upcoming weekend, work is continuing with ZuidPlus on Amsterdam Zuid station. We will be driving foundation piles under train track 4 for the future Brittenpassage passenger tunnel. There will be only limited metro transport in order to enable this work to be carried out safely. The entrance to platform 2 from Parnassusweg will also be closed.

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