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Let’s make Rosy Wertheimstraat a beautiful street

Standing in Rosy Wertheimstraat you’ll see a large question mark, with the following words: ‘Tell us what you’d like to see here.’ We’re currently working on plans for this street. There will be a sunken area, like the ones in the three other side-streets off Gershwinlaan. But what should we do with it? Our designers would love to hear your ideas. After all, this is not our neighbourhood – it’s yours.

An exciting project

We’re embarking on an exciting journey, which starts by giving local residents the chance to contribute their ideas. This is something we have done before. The residents of Benjamin Brittenstraat, Leonard Bernsteinstraat and Peter Schatstraat have already inspired us with their ideas about the themes of playing, meeting and green space for the sunken areas in those streets. You can see the result yourself here.

The OppApp

You can contribute your ideas and talk about the design of the sunken area in the Rosy Wertheimstraat using a special app. They say that two brains are better than one – so how about if everyone in the street contributed their ideas? Using the app on your smartphone, you can put forward your ideas on designs for the street where you live and read about other people’s ideas. All input received through the app – the OppApp – will be treated equally. You can share your ideas with your neighbours anonymously, and gradually, something great will take shape that the majority of residents are happy with!

When and what?

Find out how to get involved and how the app works. The conversation about Rosy Wertheimstraat will start in the Opp app on Monday 10 August 2020 (also available in English). That’s when all the creative ideas will really start flowing. The conversation will continue for three weeks: 30 August will be the last day that you can contribute. After that, we’ll organize a face-to-face meeting. We’ll invite you to take an idea walk with one of our designers on 4 September. That will be an opportunity to exchange more ideas. We’ll provide you with further details about the idea walk at a later time. Of course, we will be taking into account social distancing measures. We hope to be able to present you with an initial design by the end of 2020.

Would you prefer not to contribute using the app?

If you don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to communicate using an app, you can also add your opinions or ideas to this website. However, the app is the ideal way to find out what your neighbours think and what the latest progress is.

More information

Find out how to get involved and how the app works. And if you have questions about downloading the OppApp, logging in or using the app, please contact us at

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