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Two housing construction projects in preparation

The first plot (‘Kavel 2’ on the picture) is next to Beatrixpark, alongside the St. Nicolaaslyceum. The plans for building on this plot have been in existence for quite some time. Owner-occupied private sector properties will be built here. The second plot (‘Kavel A’ on the picture) is on the southern side of the A10 and is the first step in the construction of the new residential district Ravel. This plot is intended for larger, mid-market rental properties, suitable for households with children.

The plot next to Beatrixpark

The same information

The upcoming period will be used to find out whether there is interest from developers in current market conditions. We are doing this by posting all of the information about the plots on TenderNed until 4 September 2020. ‘This will ensure that every developer or investor with an interest has access to the same information’, says project manager for land issues, Suzanne de Wit. ‘We’re asking developers for their views on the planned housing programme, based on specific selection criteria including sustainability and – perhaps equally importantly – whether they would take part in one or both tenders. And, if not, why not.’

The plot in the future residential district Ravel


On TenderNed, there is also information about the programme and planning constraints that will apply for the developments. Joris Gerritsen, also project manager for land issues: ‘These include such issues as sustainable construction methods, the size of the future residential buildings, use of materials and safety. Despite these constraints, the developer will still have plenty of freedom to adopt their own chosen approach, especially in terms of aesthetics and landscaping. Conversely, any tips and recommendations the developers may have are also always welcome.’

An artist's impression of the new district Ravel


Has there already been a lot of interest? ‘There are quite a few parties that have said they want to be kept informed of developments, which is a good sign’, says De Wit. ‘Especially in the current period of coronavirus, where it is difficult to predict what the future will bring. We will only know how many serious candidates there really are when the plots are actually put out to tender.’ After 4 September, the completed questionnaires will first be evaluated. The plan is for the plots to be tendered separately at the end of this year or the start of 2021.

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