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Residents call for greener central section in De Boelelaan

We’re working on a new design for the central section of De Boelelaan, the part of the road between Beethovenstraat and Parnassusweg. This will free up a long, wide strip of land and our aim is to do something nice with it. We used an app to find out what residents most want to see here. On the app, residents had to answer a series of open and closed questions. Some 252 residents responded. The result: the largest group wants to see ‘greenery and nature’.


Of course, that opens up all kinds of different options. The results from the app showed that opinions vary when it comes to the question of what this greenery should be like. Some would like a focus on peace and tranquillity. Others want to see a fountain. Or a place to walk their dog.

The next step

The designers are currently in the process of developing a provisional design that takes account of a set budget while also attempting to incorporate a mixture of the ideas suggested by residents. If all goes to plan, this provisional design will be complete in the spring of 2021. We will then consult residents on the issue again. The exact timing and form that this will take are not yet known. When the provisional design has been approved, the designers will set to work on the definitive design. We will then look for a contractor and begin implementation.

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