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Investment plan for Verdi residential area officially adopted

The municipal executive’s adoption of the plan on the Verdi Project in July 2019 means that the basic principles for the plans and ambitions for the Verdi area have now been decided. The planning principles for Verdi include improving connectivity in the area, and making it greener and denser. In September 2019, the municipal council adopted the Investment Plan for the Verdi Section 1 Plan. The investment plan has now also been adopted for the second section of Verdi, located between the A10, the Schinkel, the Schinkeleiland and the Burgerweeshuispad. Under this plan, a new residential area will be created on the site of the current Sporthallen Zuid, and the sports facilities will be relocated and expanded in a multi-storey facility along the A10 motorway. The multi-storey structure will also form a noise barrier for the new residential area, running alongside both the A10 motorway and the train and metro lines.

In addition to the 500 to 600 new homes, the new sports facilities, a new-build project for the Van Det school and various facilities, the plan also includes ultra-calm traffic links and quality improvements for green space and public space. For example, the plans include the creation of a new park near the ‘tennis island in Sportpark Zuid’, with new links to and from Sportpark Zuid for cyclists and pedestrians. This plan will be developed in more detail in the years to come, together with the parties involved.

Sporthallen Zuid now
Jan Vonk

What are the next steps?

A new zoning plan is being drawn up to enable the implementation of the plans for this section. The zoning plan is expected to be available for inspection at the end of 2021. Once this has been officially adopted by the city council, probably in 2022, the area can be divided up into lots and the tendering process will then begin. The developers who will build on the plots will ultimately provide the final designs for the homes and obtain the relevant development permits. The expectation now is that the first homes will be completed in 2027.

Tennis island in Sportpark Zuid
Jan Vonk


Residents have had plenty of opportunities to provide their input in relation to plans for Verdi. This will continue to be the case, for example when we draw up the designs for the public space around the new homes or make plans for a new layout at Piet Kranenbergpad and IJsbaanpad. You will be informed of these opportunities at the appropriate time, including on this website.

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