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Laying the groundwork for the new Ravel residential area

Of course, every residential area needs services and utilities, as well as a good street layout. The new Ravellaan avenue will provide all of these, and the creation of this new street is the first step towards creating the new Ravel residential district. ‘By 2023, Ravellaan will be the main thoroughfare for this area’, explains project manager Rogier van Schravendeel. ‘It will be an extension of Gustav Mahlerlaan, although it will be much less busy. The road will provide access to the whole district and will be used mainly by local traffic.’

Map of Ravel

Laying the groundwork

‘We will not be preparing Ravellaan for the construction phase of the public space until 2022’, continues Schravendeel. ‘That’s when we’ll be paving the road and planting those beautiful trees. But we’re not at that stage yet. Right now, we’re preparing to install all the services and utilities the new homes will need, which will run underneath the future avenue. Once all the new pipes and cables have been installed, we can start removing the old cables and pipes and preparing the plots for construction. And after that, the developers can come in and get to work.’

A complex job

Installing all the new cables and pipes is quite a job, explains Schravendeel. ‘It’s one of the less glamorous aspects of any development project, but a proper sewerage system and glass fibre network are essential for any new residential area.’ It’s a complex job that has to be done with care. ‘Of course, everything needs to continue to work when we remove the old facilities. Starting next week, sheet piling will be placed on the AFC side and then we will start excavating. After that, for the next eighteen months, we’ll be installing 200 ducts and countless new cables and pipes.’ Antonio Vivaldistraat will also need to be dug up at some point, in order to connect all those new pipes and cables to the existing network. We will update you on that work in more detail in summer 2021.

Seen from Valley: right Ravel district, left AFC
Marcel Steinbach

Good relations

The last pitch of the AFC (‘pitch D’ on the map) will also be moved to pitch 5, freeing up the space needed for the new residential district. ‘But that will only happen once Valley has been completed, which is expected to be next autumn’, says Schravendeel. In terms of the work being done right now, good relations with the neighbours are essential. ‘Fortunately, things are going well on that score. Valley is now well on its way to completion and at this stage it’s important to give them the logistical space they need.’ And people are still playing football at the AFC, so that has to be able to carry on too. But relations with the AFC are also good. ‘That will help us get off on the right foot when we start work on Ravellaan.’

Artist's impression of Ravel

Residential district Ravel

There will be a total of 1,350 homes, of which 40% will be social rental properties, 40% mid-priced rental properties and 20% owner-occupied homes. The homes will be surrounded by offices and various commercial and social facilities, including a school and hospitality venues. These new homes will be set in a fantastic, low-traffic environment: car traffic will be deprioritized, helping to create a safe and peaceful residential area. Construction work will start at the end of 2023, and the new district will be built in four phases lasting approximately three years each. All being well, the city council will adopt the zoning plan in the summer of 2021.

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