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A stroll along Boerenwetering after the makeover

It’s possible that you’ve never noticed it before, because it runs along the back of the RAI building, tucked away out of sight. That’s a shame, because the path along Boerenwetering makes a really lovely walk. Certainly, the canal bank was due for a makeover. We have already finished some of the new features. For example, the border along the water has been widened. We still need to clean up the green space here and there and plant new greenery.

The border has been widened, and yet more green space has been added
Jan Vonk

The ‘Bastion’

The last part of the makeover will get underway in September. In order to ensure there is an unobstructed view from the bridge on Wielingenstraat right to the end of the footpath, we will be removing a group of trees. Incidentally, these trees are either dead or low quality. At the same time, we are planting new, lower-level greenery at the end of the path, on the small square – the ‘Bastion’ – which is not visible at the moment. The Bastion is currently mainly paved in stone and concrete but we are going to make it into a very attractive space with trees all around, wooden seating, decking and a beautiful flower bed in the middle.

The Bastion today, looking towards Strand Zuid
Jan Vonk

Attractive pedestrian route

Because the Bastion will be clearly visible from the bridge over Wielingenstraat, this will also make this location feel safer. In addition, an attractive new walking route is being created, connecting both Strand Zuid and Beatrixpark (via the movable bridge). We will also replace the outdated street furniture. This will transform the path and the square into much more attractive spaces for recreation.

Plans for the waterside and the Bastion

Future vision for RAI

The makeover for Boerenwetering is part of the future plans for the RAI. Over the years, the city has expanded around this venue for events, conferences and trade fairs. For that reason, RAI wants to blend in with its surroundings better. We have already reported on the creation of a green buffer between Wielingenstraat and the RAI buildings.

The movable bridge between the quay and Beatrixpark
Jan Vonk

Your opinion

We would like to hear what you think about the new look of Boerenwetering. Please tell us your opinion below. You can also send an email to If you do this before 2 July, we can take your comments into account as the project develops, if possible.

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