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Launch of the Third Zuidas Mobility Experience

A lot of people have been working from home some time now, but after the summer we expect things to get a lot busier. Many people will be commuting to the office regularly again. To improve the accessibility of Zuidas for everybody, it’s important that we don’t all come to work by car, and that we travel outside peak periods whenever we can. This is the perfect moment to leave our old commuting habits behind and get to know new ways of travelling.

Amaze Mobility App

The Zuidas Mobility Experience gives you information on the commuting habits of your employees. It also allows them to travel flexibly – one day by train, the next day by car. During the experience, participants use the Amaze Mobility app to plan and pay for their transport. If they leave their car at home for a day, work some extra time from home or avoid the peak times, they will receive a reward in the form of a travel credit. Amaze Mobility is a travel app and service which makes it much easier for your employees to plan, reserve, pay for and claim for journeys to and from work and their business trips, without the need for an OV chip card or lots of separate accounts. The app provides access to a range of transport services, including public transport, taxis, car sharing and bicycle sharing.

Changing people’s behaviour

Before the start of the experiment, we will discuss with you how we can encourage your employees to make different transport choices. The aim is to change people’s behaviours by applying different reward strategies. We can choose the best approach and reward strategy together. How can we encourage your employees to travel to the office outside peak hours? How do we motivate employees to leave the car at home and opt for more sustainable transport, in order to reduce CO2 emissions? Or to reduce the number of parking spaces required? How can we encourage employees to work on their own vitality? And how can we motivate people to work an extra day from home from time to time – and on specific days?

Personalization for each employee

Employees can travel flexibly in any way they choose. They can use all modes of transport in the Amaze app, whether they are travelling in their own time or commuting to and from work. To encourage people to take part in the Zuidas Mobility Experience, employees are given a welcome gift in the form of a €25 travel credit. And for making conscious choices about which mode of transport they use and when they travel, they will receive an additional travel credit worth up to €75.

Would you like to take part?

If you are an employee of a Zuidas company or organisation, you can register here. If you would like your entire company or organization to take part, please contact us at

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