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Next phase in the development of Innovation District

The plan is based on the zoning plan dating from 2018. The City Executive recently released this draft development plan to enable opinions on it to be submitted.


Over the next few years, in alliance with VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam University Medical Center, we are transforming the Innovation District (Kenniskwartier, sometimes referred to as the Knowledge District) in Zuidas into an exciting mix that brings together a wide range of functions. In total, the Innovation District will boast some 2,700 homes, alongside areas for education and knowledge-related businesses, healthcare, culture (cinema, theatre and OBA NEXT), retail outlets, restaurants and bars. This development plan for this so-called ‘western development field’ marks the City Council’s next step in developing the Innovation District area.

Northern section of Innovation District

Gustav Mahlerlaan, one of the main arteries of the Innovation District, divides the area into a northern and southern section. A zoning plan was approved for the northern section in 2018. At that time, our focus was on the eastern development field of this northern section. Among other things, this enables the construction of The Pulse. The Hourglass and NoMa House buildings are now also located here. We are now making it possible to begin development of the area between the A10, The Pulse, Gustav Mahlerlaan and The Edge: the western development field of the northern section of the Innovation District.

Connected courtyards

The plan is to create a horseshoe-shaped block covering up to 89,000 sq. m., surrounding a courtyard area. The courtyard for the western development field will be connected to its eastern counterpart via a bridge. Together, they will soon form one large green space. These courtyards will be tranquil, publicly accessible and car-free.

Social housing

The programme for the western development field includes housing, offices and a ground floor featuring amenities. The emphasis will be on housing and we aim for a breakdown of 40% social rental properties, 40% mid-market housing and 20% free-market homes. Because we are including social housing in the project, housing corporations will be involved in the process from now on.

Alternating high-rise and low-rise

The basic principles for the western development field were already included in the zoning plan from 2018. These have now been developed in more detail. The tower along the A10 will have a maximum height of 85 m and the towers along Mahlerlaan will be up to 81 and 86 m in height. There are lower maximum heights at other places. This will help create a nice mix of high-rise and low-rise buildings, with as much light, air and space as possible for the housing. The green courtyard has also been included in the development plan. There will be one-way traffic around the entire block. This is expected to promote traffic flow, something raised by several local interested parties during the earlier discussions.

Open for consultation

The draft development plan for the western development field, together with the draft decision on higher noise emission values, will be open for consultation from 7 October 2021. Interested parties will have six weeks in which to submit an opinion (until 17 November). We will then process the opinions submitted, after which the City Executive is scheduled to approve the development plan in February 2022. We will then be able to complete the development strategy and construction brief to form the basis for an initial tender. Construction is expected to start in 2025.

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