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Public space landscaped in Rosy Wertheimstraat

In the street, located between the Op Zuid and The George buildings, five trees have now been planted. They match the tree structure in the Gershwin neighbourhood. The trees will help create a pleasant place to spend time, partly because they will serve as windbreaks when they grow slightly taller. Together with the underplanting of perennials, grasses, shrubs and bulbs, they will also help boost local biodiversity.


In August 2020, we invited local residents to decide how they would like this part of the street to be landscaped under the motto ‘it’s up to you’. For this, we used a special app to collect all the ideas together. Combined with a live meeting with one of our designers in September 2020, this all resulted in a constructive dialogue. Thanks to this approach, the result was also widely supported by the majority of residents. What people wanted: a green street, with trees and evergreen plants, but without benches. In December 2020, we presented the design (pdf).


The original plan was to make residents’ wishes a reality last spring. However, a combination of factors caused a delay. The designs took longer than expected, coronavirus threw a spanner in the works and the costs initially exceeded the City Council budget. All in all, the green landscaping of Rosy Wertheimstraat ended up being delayed by six months. Although it currently still looks rather barren, the streetscape will be looking much lusher by next spring.

Rosy Wertheimstraat seen from De Boelelaan
Marcel Steinbach

Greener neighbourhood

The landscaping of the street marks the culmination of the new, greener landscaping of the Gershwin neighbourhood, where most of the housing in Zuidas is currently located. Benjamin Brittenstraat, Peter Schatstraat and Leonard Bernsteinstraat have all been relandscaped, also in line with residents’ wishes. In addition, concrete blocks in George Gershwinlaan have made way for 26 trees.

Pedestrian bridge

Work that still needs to happen includes the construction of a pedestrian bridge across De Boelegracht, at the end of Rosy Wertheimstraat. This project will also be realised later than planned, partly because of delays in applying for the environmental permit. We will only be able to proceed when this permit has been approved. We will keep you informed of developments.

Marcel Steinbach

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