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Video: installing additional metro switches for station renovation

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This larger work site will be at Amsterdam Zuid station. However, in order to make room for it, we had to install two switches on the eastern side of RAI metro station. Work started on this on Friday evening.

Part of the A10 had to be closed in order to reach the work site between the metro track and the A10. Over a distance of 50 m, we removed straight sections of rail. Large cranes then hoisted the switch components from the work site onto the tracks.

We then added the ballast bed, which ensures that the sleepers and rails are stable in the ground. It was then possible to install the switch components.

The work went according to schedule, despite two setbacks. On Saturday, the tamping machine stopped working. A tamping machine is used to ensure that the ballast is placed firmly underneath the sleepers and rails. It took around four hours to get the machine going again. Fortunately, we were able to make up for this delay on Sunday. The replacement transport was what caused the second problem. The additional tram service from RAI station proved problematic, partly because of issues turning around the metro trains at RAI.

On Monday morning, 15 November, the metro service resumed as normal. These were the first two additional switches. There are another three to follow, but their installation will cause less disruption to passengers.

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