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Urgent works cause disruption on De Boelelaan

The work is required because of a fault in the network of pipes providing the Vattenfall district heating. Drivers and cyclists can expect to experience disruption because of the work. It is taking place at the junction between De Boelelaan and De Klencke/Antonio Vivaldistraat and is expected to last until 24 November. For car drivers, there will be a single lane in the easterly direction, cyclists will be diverted and pedestrians can walk past the work. See the map below.

What is going on?

A fault has been discovered in the Vattenfall district heating pipes network. Residents in the area around De Klencke (Buitenveldert) and Antonio Vivaldistraat (Zuidas) could be affected by the fault. In order to prevent people being without heating in the upcoming winter, Vattenfall is opening up the road in order to investigate the problem and repair it immediately. The aim is to prevent more serious problems later.

What will happen?

The district heating pipes are underneath the southern lane of De Boelelaan. The groundwater level first needs to be lowered, using the filter well method. Vattenfall will then dig up the district heating pipe. There will then be various works in the ground before the road is finally repaired.


The repair works on De Boelelaan will disrupt access to buildings and local public transport. Cyclists will need to divert and the vehicle lanes will be reduced from 2 lanes to a single lane (Europaboulevard direction). Most traffic disruption will probably happen in the evening rush-hour. The work will start at 07.00 on Friday, 19 November 2021.

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