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Take part in the annual mobility survey

We have been conducting the survey almost every year since 2014. It helps us to keep track of developments in mobility in the area. We can then use the results, together with businesses and partners, to work to achieve a more easily accessible Zuidas. We can do this for example by encouraging commuters to travel at off-peak periods. Or by investigating the opportunities for working from home. We also use the information we collect to identify specific bottlenecks in the roads network. After all, road users in Zuidas know better than anyone else where traffic problems lie. We can use this knowledge to develop and implement infrastructure policy.


Last year’s mobility survey focused primarily on coronavirus. The results taught us and our partners a lot about Zuidas users and their movements before and during the pandemic. We also learnt about how and how many people plan to travel after the pandemic. Trends of this kind have an influence on the traffic situation in Zuidas. We will apply what we learn in the mobility plan currently being compiled.

Marcel Steinbach

Bikes in the spotlight

In the survey that you can participate in, we are asking additional questions aimed at people who travel through Zuidas by bike. We already conducted the Zuidas Cycle Experience Survey (Fietsbelevingsonderzoek) back in 2017, but believe that more people have started cycling because of coronavirus. We are interested in finding what your cycle journey is like. Where are the bottlenecks? Where do you enjoy cycling and which routes do you prefer to avoid? What you think about the bicycle parking facilities in Zuidas? The answers to these questions will provide input for the choices we make when investing in cycle routes. We can also use them to encourage employers to make improvements to their bicycle parking facilities for staff and visitors.

Your views matter

We are conducting the survey in collaboration with Taskforce Bereikbaarheid Zuidas and the Van A tot Zuidas platform. Your views matter and we very much appreciate your input.

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