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Tram 25 set to stay in Strawinskylaan for now

Amsterdam regional transport (Vervoerregio Amsterdam) is investigating whether it is financially viable to reposition the temporary terminus at a new start and end stop in Parnassusweg as soon as Amsterdam Zuid station has been extended with an additional passageway (by 2027 at the latest). The Vervoerregio expects to reach a decision in around the summer of 2022.

Multiple movements

In 2022, Tram 25 (Zuid station – Westwijk) was supposed to be given a start and end stop in Eduard van Beinumstraat. The plan was for the tram to use this for around five years until such time as Zuidasdok needs the location in order to redirect the A10 underground. At that point, the start and end stop for line 25 was supposed to move to Strawinskylaan before being relocated again several years later in the definitive tram station on the roof of the southern A10 tunnel. This therefore involved multiple movements for the various stops. Moreover, the total investment required for the new construction and later removal of the stop in Eduard van Beinumstraat turned out to be too much for this relatively short five-year period. Further investigations in recent months have shown that a cheaper option is possible in Parnassusweg, where line 25 will also be given facilities for turning.

Improvements to Strawinskylaan tram stop

In the case of the option that has now been chosen, the Vervoerregio now plans to make a series of changes (in the course of this year) to the Strawinskylaan stop in order to improve capacity and safety. This will involve wider platforms, better crossings and other minor adaptations aimed at improving the comfort and safety of the route taken by passengers changing transport and heading towards the current entrance to Zuid station.

Definitive location

This decision relates to the transitional period until the tram station (with the definitive start and end stop) for line 25 becomes available in Arnold Schönberglaan on the roof of the future southern tunnel of the A10. This is expected to happen by 2031 at the latest.

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