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Summer disruption for Zuidas traffic and transport

From Saturday, 16 July until Friday, 22 July 2022, metro 52 (the North/South line) will not run to and from Amsterdam Zuid Station. This line will start and terminate at Europaplein (RAI) metro station. Metro lines 50 and 51 will run as normal. Metro 52 will resume its normal service on Saturday, 23 July 2022.

Closure of A4 and A10

Immediately after that, major roadworks will start, leading to the closure of the A4 and A10 Zuid, from the Badhoevedorp interchange to the S109 RAI exit. This means that the road will be closed to those travelling in the direction of Utrecht (A2) and Hengelo (A1). The closure will begin on 22 July at 22:00 and last until the morning rush hour on Wednesday, 3 August. Traffic will be diverted via the A9 and A5. Although a relatively quiet period of traffic has been chosen for the road closure, car drivers can expect significant increases in journey times, of up to one hour in total. Amsterdam Zuid station will remain accessible by metro during this period. The same applies to the train, although it will run a modified timetable because of the closure of two of the railway tracks.

Diversion routes between 22 July and 3 August

Space for construction

All of this work relates to the extension and renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station. Large building sites will be needed to enable the construction of the second passenger tunnel, the Brittenpassage, and to increase the width and height of the current station passageway. This is a challenge in view of the limited space available. The work site between the metro tracks is too small for the work that needs to be done: building the roof sections of the Brittenpassage and, starting this autumn, also the first section of the roof for the renovated Minervapassage (the current entrance to Amsterdam Zuid station). In order to create additional space at this stage, we are moving the metro line 50 platforms around 50 m eastwards, in the direction of Beethovenstraat, and placing them at the same height as the renovated Minervapassage will be. This will be done between 16 and 22 July.

A10 Zuid

On the construction site in Arnold Schönberglaan, we will be building two roof sections for the Brittenpassage in the autumn. In order to provide a sturdy enough location for these very heavy concrete structures, a lot of foundation work needs to be done first. This is the work planned for 22 July to 3 August. We will be excavating the dike on which the A10 Zuid is located and inserting endless amounts of foundation piles. On top of that, we will start to attach the abutments that will ultimately support the new roof sections. At the end of this period, we will return the dike and A10 to their original condition and it will be as if nothing has happened. In the autumn, we will build the roof sections themselves and they will be inserted into position in 2023. The A10 will need to close again at that stage. Further information will follow in due course.

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