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18 June: Dutch Building Day in Zuidas

A hole in the A10

When you arrive at Amsterdam Zuid station, you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a massive construction project. The entire station is being renovated. We’re currently in the process of building the second passenger tunnel. In July, this will involve removing part of the A10, including several railway tracks. There will be a huge hole in the road for an 11-day period. Come and take a look during Dutch Building Day and we’ll explain exactly why.

Where is the metro going?

And there’s more: we’re currently relocating the platforms for the North/South metro line bit by bit. By mid-July, you’ll actually be floating above Beethovenstraat as you wait for the metro heading north. So, why are we doing this? You can find out all about it from the work site, located between the metro tracks.

Tangled up on the A10

Additional lanes are being added to the A10 Zuid. In order to make this possible, we need to thoroughly update the Amstel and De Nieuwe Meer interchanges. So, what exactly are our plans? Join us on our cycle ride and hear all about it. En route, we’ll also tell you about the tunnels where part of the A10 will soon disappear underground.

And much more

Enjoy the views from the roof of Student Experience, aka Ravel Residence (and, if you’re in the mood, have a game of basketball). Take a climb up the Crossover construction project. And while you’re there, we’ll also explain what this neighbourhood will look like in the future. Take part in our architecture or art guided tours. Visit the truly stunning Zuidas Botanical Garden. Or enjoy the fun activities with your children in Mahlerplein where all kinds of experiences are on offer. The weather forecast is also looking great.

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