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Glimpse of the future as you wait for the metro

Since last summer, the platform for metro lines 50 and 51 in the direction of Isolatorweg has been 2 metres lower than the platform for line 52. This is because we moved the platforms and raised the height of the tracks for metro 52 (the North/South line). On the wall that has resulted from this, we are offering you a glimpse of the future. If you are not in any hurry, give the first metro heading for Isolatorweg a miss and take a look at everything that will be happening with Amsterdam Zuid station instead.

Direct connection

Another important change since the summer is the elevated walkway forming a direct connection between the metro platforms. This means it is no longer necessary to use the station passageway when changing from metro lines 50/51 to line 52 in the direction of Noord. According to figures from the GVB, increasing numbers of people are using this. Between July and September, the number of metro passengers grew by 35% and the number of users of the elevated walkway increased by 60%, to more than 2,500 per day.

Changing trains without having to use the stairs

Creating a work site

The line 52 platform had to be moved in order to create a larger site for construction work. This was also why these tracks now terminate at Amsterdam Zuid. In the next few years, we will be using the larger work site for construction work on the second passenger tunnel – the Brittenpassage – and in order to widen the existing Minervapassage.

Metro station to move

The height differences and the direct connection between the metro platforms are temporary. This is because we will also be raising the height of the tracks for lines 50 and 51. In 2023, we will raise the height of the metro track in the direction of Gein and Amsterdam Central, and the track in the direction of Isolatorweg will follow in 2024. But the biggest change will not come until after that. As soon as the Brittenpassage has been completed, by 2027 at the latest, we will be moving the whole metro station. Its new position will be between Brittenpassage and Minervapassage.

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