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Changes to platform for North/South metro line

Since Saturday, 23 July, metro passengers have had to walk around 50 m from the passageway in order to reach the North/South line. This is because the platform has been moved in an easterly direction, over Beethovenstraat. In the new situation, all of the metro platforms are connected by stairs, a crossing and a ramp. This means that passengers no longer need to go under the track via Minervapassage in order to change trains – even if the departing train is on a slightly lower platform.

Space for Brittenpassage

The repositioning of the metro platform gives us more space on the western side of the work site, where we will be building the roof sections for the new Brittenpassage later on. Once Brittenpassage has been completed, all of the metro platforms will be located between Brittenpassage and Minervapassage.

Platforms for metros 50 and 51

Ideally, we would also have liked to raise the height of the two outermost metro platforms for lines 50 (from Isolatorweg to Gein) and 51 (from Amsterdam Central to Isolatorweg) at the same time, but there was no room in the schedule to do this. The most southerly platform will be done in 2023 and the most northerly one later. Until then, there will therefore be a height difference between the two outermost platforms and the two North/South metro line platforms in the middle.

Marcel Steinbach

Renovation work on Minervapassage

Over the next few years, we are renovating Amsterdam Zuid station, which is well on the way to matching Amsterdam Central station in terms of passenger numbers. In order to enable passengers to travel safely and comfortably at this busy station, a second passenger tunnel, the Brittenpassage is being built. We are also widening and raising the height of the existing Minervapassage. By raising the height of the metro platforms and partly moving them, we are creating the space we need to do that.

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