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Additional evening works in Beethovenstraat on 2 December

Over the last three weekends, we have been removing old layers of asphalt and resurfacing part of Strawinskylaan and Beethovenstraat. The resurfacing work was part of the relandscaping of the area around WTC Tower Ten. During an inspection of the work, it emerged that the asphalt on the corner of Strawinskylaan and Beethovenstraat was not properly applied, which means that a large puddle develops after rainfall. Especially now, as temperatures begin to fall and the chance of frost on this part of the road increases, this could cause hazardous situations.

Noise disruption

We intend to quickly rectify this problem and will therefore be repairing the road surface on Friday, 2 December. The work is expected to take around six hours. The contractor will begin removing the asphalt at 19.00. This will take around an hour and will cause the most noise. We will then raise the road surface before applying the new asphalt.

Road closure

Because of the works, the corner of Strawinskylaan and Beethovenstraat will be closed to traffic between 19.00 and 01.00 on the evening of Friday, 2 December. It will not be possible for traffic from Strawinskylaan to turn right into Beethovenstraat in the direction of De Boelelaan. However, traffic from Strawinskylaan will still be able to turn left into Beethovenstraat in the direction of the city centre. Traffic can also continue to use Beethovenstraat itself in both directions.

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