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Beethovenstraat to be closed for resurfacing work

In order to enable the construction of Tower Ten, the newest WTC tower on the corner of Strawinskylaan and Beethovenstraat, we have made temporary changes to the public space. We are now rapidly approaching the completion date of the tower and have been working for some time to reconfigure the area around it. Earlier this year, we temporarily closed the cyclist tunnels in order to relocate cables and pipelines and in August, we removed box piles next to Beethovenstraat. In the weekend of Friday, 11 November and the two weekends after that, we will be removing old layers of asphalt and resurfacing part of Strawinskylaan and Beethovenstraat.

What do we plan to do?

At 19.00 on the evening of Friday,11 November, we will begin to remove the asphalt in Beethovenstraat. This may cause some noise nuisance. In order to minimise disruption, we will be working on the road surface after 22.00. This work will run through the night and end on Saturday at 19.00. The resurfacing work will take place on Sunday between 09.00 and 19.00. In the weekend of 18-20 November, we will apply the same approach in Strawinskylaan. In the weekend of 25-27 November, we will begin to remove the final pieces of asphalt at the junction where the two roads meet. Any nuisance on the evening of Friday, 25 November is expected to be short-lived. On Saturday, 26 November between 09.00 and 19.00, we will add the final layer of asphalt in Beethovenstraat and Strawinskylaan. On Sunday, we will then apply road marking and lines to the new road surface.

Map of weekend works in Beethovenstraat


During the three weekends mentioned, we will be closing the vehicle lane in Beethovenstraat in a southerly direction. Vehicles will be diverted via Strawinskylaan and Parnassusweg to De Boelelaan. Cyclists can continue to use the cyclist tunnel and path on the east side of Beethovenstraat. The WTC car park will still be accessible from Strawinskylaan.


All of the works mentioned are subject to weather conditions. If necessary, we will postpone the work to the next weekend. We expected to take until the end of 2022 for the relandscaping of the area around Tower Ten to be completed.

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