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Suggest ideas (again) for the pocket park next to PI59

The roof of the PI59 car park, 1,600 sq. m. in size, is being publicly landscaped, together with the street next to it. In March, we surveyed opinion in the neighbourhood on how that space should be used. More than 650 people expressed their views on the online platform Swipocratie, showing a clear preference for green areas (82%), sport (72%) and play (69%). To summarise, this means that participants would prefer a green function, followed by a use for sport and thirdly a place for play. But within these themes, there are still plenty of choices to be made. Should it be a flower garden? An evergreen hedge? Or a city park with space for a game of basketball? We are again asking the local community to answer these questions.

Want to share your views (again)?

Use your phone to scan the QR code or visit and suggest your ideas on how the pocket park should be used. Using the Swipocratie app, it takes around two minutes to give your views on a series of statements and proposed choices, simply by swiping left or right. Please note: it is not possible to swipe back within the app, so your first answer will count. You have until 12 April to make your contribution.

QR code swipocratie

Next steps

Based on the results of the second session, we will compile a draft design for the landscaping. We intend to share this proposal with you at an in-person meeting and on this website before the summer holidays. After that, the design will be further developed and assessed. This will cover such areas as management and maintenance, management costs, safety and (financial) feasibility. We aim to have a fully developed design completed in the second half of this year. Watch out for it on our website. When the construction work on PI59 and the relandscaping of Prinses Irenestraat are complete, the design can be realised. That will be in the second half of 2024.

Want to be sure that you don’t miss any further information about the design? In that case, you can use this form to provide us with your details. You will then be emailed an invitation to the information meeting.

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