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Terrace Tower

The men’s fashion chain Suitsupply is establishing a new head office in Kop Zuidas between Europaboulevard and Gelrestraat (next to Motel One). As well as office space, the building will also feature a flagship store, a professional photography studio and a company restaurant. The ground floor will have a variety of purposes, including a store with a coffee corner and bicycle parking facilities. There will also be a car park in the basement.

The building has a unique design: staggered roofs in the shape of a staircase run down the side of the building, with balconies constructed on these ‘stairs’. To make this design a reality, a special structure was required incorporating a heavy, staggered concrete core, special connections from which the storeys are suspended and slanted columns in the front and rear facades. At the front of the building will be a publicly accessible green area, while at the back there will be a series of green roof terraces climbing up the building to give the offices and the surrounding area a high-quality look and feel. The building will have 13 above-ground storeys and two underground storeys (the car park).

Suitsupply’s head office was designed by the Danish architectural firm BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group, the developer responsible is C2 Vastgoed BV and the construction work will be executed by contractor J.P. van Eesteren. Other contributing parties include Inbo, Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Brink Management/Advies, Techniplan Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs and Delva Landschapsarchitecten.


Suitsupply is striving for the BREEAM Excellent rating, which means the building must be optimally sustainable and the construction must take the surrounding area and residents fully into account.

Additional information

  • 13 above-ground storeys
  • Office space: 16,500m² gross floor area (GFA)
  • Company restaurant: 1,500m²
  • Studio: 1,000m²
  • Store with coffee corner 1,000m²
  • Two underground storeys (car park): 3,500m², featuring 80 parking spaces
  • Underground bicycle parking facilities

Further details:

Terrace Tower has it’s own website.

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