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Construction starts on The Newton in Kop Zuidas – and more

Contractor Pleijsier Bouw will soon be starting work on the construction of The Newton, the first of three major housing developments in the heart of Kop Zuidas. Commissioned by developer COD, The Newton has been designed by Diederendirrix Architectuur & Stedenbouw. The complex will feature 101 free-market rental apartments. Designed in the Amsterdam School architectural style, the building will have an evergreen roof terrace. The triangular-shaped ground floor of the building, located in what will be Hogelandplein, will also include space for hospitality and catering and amenities. The building is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Terrace Tower is opening

But even more is happening in Kop Zuidas. Construction work on Terrace Tower, the building next to Hotel One, was completed some time ago. The roof gardens have also been realised. Work is currently underway on the green landscaping around the entrance to the building. It has been let to various users that still need to complete the outfitting of their accommodation. This work is expected to begin at the end of this year. The ground floor will also be fitted out at the same time.

Large public squares

Contractor BAM has now started construction work on Crossover, just south of Terrace Tower. It is expected to be completed in 2023. After that, we will be landscaping the area between the two buildings to create a public square – a green entrance to the neighbourhood. It will serve as the small sister to Hogelandplein and is being designed in the same style. This design is now almost complete. In addition to the planting to match Hogelandplein – featuring trees, bushes and grasses – there will also be seating. When the design has been completed, we will feature it on our website. Incidentally, the work on Hogelandplein has been slightly delayed. It was expected to begin this autumn, but it is taking longer than expected to select a contractor. We hope to start work on it from March 2021. Hogelandplein is then expected to be completed in around the summer of 2022.

Artist's impression of Hogelandplein

Revised zoning plan

We previously reported on the revision of the zoning plan for Kop Zuidas dating from 2018. When the plan was put to consultation earlier this year, we received various opinions in response. We are now examining whether these opinions provide grounds for amending the plan. The City Council is expected to make a decision about the revised zoning plan in December 2021. When the zoning plan has been approved, the tender for plot K will begin, which is the plot along the A10 next to Crossover (see map above).

Aerial view of Kop Zuidas

GGD centre at RAI

Finally: on the RAI coach park P6, opposite the Holland Complex, a large pavilion is under construction. This will house the coronavirus testing and vaccination centre run by the GGD municipal health service, previously housed in the RAI building itself. Since trade shows are beginning again in the RAI, the building will no longer be available as a GGD site. The pavilion will be used from early October 2021 until mid-2022.

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