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Temporary tram stop on Parnassusweg for new Amstelveen tramline

Work is currently underway to modify the Parnassusweg tram stop for the new Amstelveen line. This is necessary because a new type of tram will be running on the line: the 15G tram. When two of these units are joined together, they measure 60 metres in length, and the existing platforms for tramline 5 are too short. Work to modify the platforms began in the weekend of July 25-26 and will be completed shortly. This work not only involves extending the two platforms at the Parnassusweg stop, but also modifying the pedestrian crossings and installing warning lights.


Initially, the new Amstelveen line was not intended to stop between the De Boelelaan/VU and Strawinskylaan stops. After all, the stop at Strawinskylaan is only temporary: the permanent terminus for the new Amstelveen line will be located on Arnold Schönberglaan, next to the entrance to the newly renovated train station. However, that stop can only be built after the southern carriageway of the A10 has been diverted underground. The renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station and all the surrounding tram stops, as well as the diversion and widening of the A10 Zuid, are part of the Zuidasdok project. Due to the delay to the Zuidasdok project, the temporary stop at Strawinksylaan will be needed for longer than originally intended. This is not ideal, according to Vervoerregio Amsterdam (the Amsterdam Transport Region). Adapting the Parnassusweg stop to accommodate the Amstelveen line will mean that passengers can now get on and off closer to Amsterdam Zuid station.

An artist’s impression of the future tramlines after Amsterdam Zuid station has been renovated

Up and running in December

The old Amstelveen line (metro and express tram 51) was taken out of service at the beginning of March 2019 for large-scale renovation work. This work is now almost complete. The tram stops and tracks have been renewed. The new Amstelveen line, which will be known as the number 25, will undergo testing starting on 17 August. Passengers will be able to use it starting December 2020.

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