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Join the discussion about new green along De Boelelaan

From Monday 24 August you and other interested parties can join the discussion about the substance and form of the green bank. This discussion takes place online, via the so-called Opp App. You can participate during a period of three weeks, up to and including Monday 14 September. You can download the app on your telephone for this. You can read how it works here. We have used this app before to hear from residents of the Benjamin Brittenstraat, the Leonard Bernsteinstraat and the Peter Schatstraat how they would like their roads to be redeveloped.

No rollercoaster

When you share your opinion or wish via the app, you can also read and react to the ideas of other participants. Area Manager Stephanie Lubbers: ‘The Opp App contains a questionnaire with both closed and open questions. People can, for instance, indicate what they require of the new green strip. Is sport, recreation and walking or play the most important to them? We also ask specifically how substance should then be given to this. It goes without saying that not everything is possible. Apart from sufficient support amongst neighbours, as a municipality we impose requirements on safety and the costs of construction and management. So a rollercoaster is probably out of the question.’

Space for green

In May the Municipal Council of Amsterdam adopted the Memorandum of Guiding Principles for Redevelopment of the De Boelelaan Middle Section. Ever since we have been working on a new design that also includes the green bank. At the moment grass is growing there and some parts are still being used as a building site, however when we start redeveloping the middle section of the De Boelelaan, a long and wide green strip is freed up. An area without traffic, with more space for green and other functions. What functions will be available in the green strip and what it will look like is something that we would like to determine together with you via the Opp App.


From 14 September we combine all opinions, wishes and ideas. We then organise a meeting where we explain what we intend to do with your ideas. Via the Opp App you can indicate if you want to attend this meeting. During the meeting you will have the opportunity of further elaborating a number of ideas together with members of the project team and the municipal designers so that they can be included in the design for the green strip.

Not via the app?

Do you not have a smartphone or do you prefer not communicating via an app? Then post your opinion at the bottom of this article. Or send an email to Please note that you remain better informed of the opinions of your neighbours and the state of affairs via the app.

More information

Go here for more information and explanation about the app. Do you have questions about downloading, logging in or using the Opp App? Then contact us via

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