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Tendering process for new Amsterdam Zuid station starts on 27 October

The preliminary announcement concerns two important components of the renovation and extension of Amsterdam Zuid station. The first of these is the further construction of the second station passageway: the Brittenpassage. The new contractor is being asked to insert another four of the seven roof components, build the passageway itself and move the metro platforms from the current passageway to the new Brittenpassage. The second part of the tender is the widening and total renewal of the existing Minervapassage (the station’s main entrance) and the widening of the train platforms.


In order to make the extensive and complicated Zuidasdok more manageable, the decision was made to divide the work into subprojects in March. This means that it will no longer be a single contracting consortium completing the entire project, but various contractors working on parts of Zuidasdok instead. These include changes to the junction at De Nieuwe Meer, the northern or southern car tunnel and – in this case – the construction of a new station passageway and the expansion of the existing passageway.

New tendering process

The new approach involving subprojects marks a significant change compared to the original tendering process. For this reason, the Zuidasdok commissioning authorities decided to terminate the contract with the current ZuidPlus consortium and to re-tender Zuidasdok in more manageable packages. In the period until the new contractor starts the outdoor work – expected to happen in the summer of 2020 – the ZuidPlus consortium will continue working on the second station passageway for Amsterdam Zuid.

Amsterdam Zuid station

Although things are currently much quieter at Amsterdam Zuid station because of coronavirus, it is working at full capacity. In recent years, the number of passengers using the station has increased significantly and this is set to continue in line with growth in the population, tourism and employment in and around Zuidas. At Amsterdam Zuid, stewards are now being deployed for the safety of passengers.

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