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Changes made to plans for area around temporary court building

As we reported in May, the temporary court building is no longer needed, now that the new court building has opened its doors. There are plans to create homes and offices on the site where the temporary court building stands. Together with the Central Government Real Estate Agency, the City of Amsterdam has set new requirements for these plans in an amended Memorandum of Principles.

Homes, offices, culture

Local residents and businesses were informed about the original plans, which included homes and offices, in April 2021. They were also notified that more information regarding the cultural element of the temporary court building (part of which is designated as a protected monument) was expected at a later date. The changes made concern that cultural element. In the original plan, two separate buildings were planned on the site of the temporary court building: a residential building and an office building. However, those plans could undermine the residential quality of the lower floors of the residential section. In order to guarantee the residential quality of the homes, the municipality and the Central Government Real Estate Agency have amended the Memorandum of Principles.

Changes to original plan

In the new Memorandum of Principles, we have opted for a different design. Instead of two separate towers, the two buildings will be connected with a shared base building. The lower four floors of this will be dedicated to office space. Two residential towers with a roof garden between will be constructed on top of the office building.


The changes mean that decision-making regarding the Memorandum of Principles will take place at a later date. The document is expected to be submitted to the city council in September 2021. More information regarding the plans for a cultural initiative at this location is expected to become available at the end of August.

You can download a full report of the meeting and the presentation by clicking on the links.

Give your opinion

Anne Cooper

As a resident of the Warners blocks that will be beside this development I have to say it is appalling. It is clearly just a mechanism to get as much profit from the site as possible. It is out of scale with the surrounding residential area. It does not compliment the neighbourhood being too high and intensive a development. It will not contribute to the much promised greening of Zuidas and will mean the destruction of two tall and beautiful trees. It shows no respect for either the adjacent national or local monuments. The roof gardens are the final straw! Past promises with regard to this area are clearly worthless and residents are getting very tired of being deceived and regarded with contempt.

Anne Cooper and Henry Ayrton

  We object to the proposal of the Municipal Executive to increase the height of the plots of the former courthouse (lot 1) and the temporary courthouse (lots 2 and 3) respectively to a height of 41.5 metres.   In our opinion, this is a disproportionate deviation from the Memorandum of Principles, which states that at the south side of Fred. Roeskestraat, in continuation of Strawinsky-Noord, no higher than 14 metres may be built. The proposal of the B&W to deviate from this means that (1) the height difference with the surrounding buildings is irresponsibly affected, (2) the park-like surroundings of the neighbourhood are disturbed and (3) the light fall in the neighbourhood is spoiled even more than by the construction of the new court. We object most strenuously to these proposals.