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Zoning plan makes new residential neighbourhood possible

This will be a car-free neighbourhood with a maximum of two public underground car parks for the entire area. Access will be from the northern side of the area (Maurice Ravellaan). The neighbourhood will have green landscaping and a car-free central zone. In addition to housing, there will also be offices and amenities. The area will also feature a school and childcare facilities.

Consultation and changes

The draft zoning plan and the higher-values draft decision were open for consultation for a six-week period starting on 24 December. Five different opinions were submitted objecting to aspects of the draft zoning plan. Two of these have resulted in an amendment to the explanatory notes accompanying the plan. The Zuidas residents’ platform rightly pointed out that the explanatory notes stated an incorrect number of dwellings in the calculation of parking requirements. In addition, ProRail asked for the aspect of vibration hindrance to be included in the zoning plan. Because of the relatively large distance between the track and the homes to be built (at least 250 m), further investigation of this was not necessary. The explanatory notes have been amended accordingly.

Social provisions

Residents and associations in Kop Zuidas called for three social provisions in their neighbourhood to be moved to Ravel. The City Council has already issued a statement about the location of these in the context of the Kop Zuidas sub-area. Besides, the Ravel zoning plan actually ensures that the social provisions referred to are possible. However, no clarity can be provided at this stage as to what specific amenities or provisions there will be in the area.

Effect of shading

Opinions were also submitted on the issues of excess parking, the height of buildings and lines of sight. The number of parking spaces must meet the requirements set down in the Parking Standards Memorandum (Nota Parkeernormen Auto). An investigation into the effects of shading has shown that there is no question of any unacceptable shading. Changes to lines of sight are inevitable in a metropolitan area like Zuidas. Any reduction to lines of sight will not be significant enough to constitute a nuisance that would be unlawful.

Not only homes for families

One resident called for clustered housing for the elderly to be made possible. Although the residential construction programme is primarily aimed at families with children, it also serves other target groups. The zoning plan does not draw any distinction between these. Clustered housing for the elderly can be made possible within the existing residential zoning.

The next steps

The announcement of the decision will be published on 21 July and the documents will then be open for consultation for a six-week period starting on 22 July. During that period, it is possible to lodge an appeal with the Administrative Justice Division of the Council of State.

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