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Feel like some fresh air? Take a walk around Zuidas!

First there’s the Architecture Walk, in which urban planner and Zuidas supervisor Ton Schaap takes you through the past, present and future of Zuidas. He talks about the area’s varied architecture, of course, but also about the expansion of Amsterdam Zuid station and the new residential area of Ravel. And he explains why Claude Debussylaan is the only street in the whole area that runs diagonal to the grid.

The George apartment complex
Jan Vonk

The Green Walk

On the Green Walk, urban ecologist Bas Reussien will introduce you to a completely different side of Zuidas – its flora and fauna, which helps make Zuidas a pleasant place to live all year round. You’ll be amazed by all the wildlife to be found – in the parks and flower beds, in the streets and verges. And if you look closely, you’ll also see artworks by Vera van Wolferen that pay tribute to the fauna of Zuidas.

A hidden artwork by Vera van Wolferen
Jan Vonk

Audio tour

You can use your mobile phone to hear – or read – about everything that you will encounter during your walk. We will be adding more audio tours in 2022! Because there’s so much to find out about Zuidas.

Jan Vonk

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