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This current work yet again demonstrates the creative approach we need to apply in dealing with the limited space in our renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station. In the future, we will be widening the platform for railway tracks 3 and 4 by around 3 metres. This will involve moving railway track 4 closer towards metro track 1 (see map: T4 shifts towards M1). This means that the tracks will be closer together. At the same location, we are also in the process of building two sections of the roof for the additional passenger tunnel – the Brittenpassage. That means a lot of work is happening simultaneously in this tiny area. We are working at night in order to prevent disruption to railway and metro services. This is permitted despite the curfew, because public transport has been designated as an essential sector.

Overhead wire

A railway track is not only made up of rails, but also has an overhead wire that supplies the train with power. The night work currently underway involves moving several overhead wire structures. In December 2020, we drove the piles into the ground that will form the foundations for the new overhead wire portals. We are now adding the upright supports. Once that work is done, we will move the horizontal bar on which the overhead wire is suspended from its old supports to the new ones. This will happen on the night of 3/4 February. If you are still awake, you can follow the work live on the webcam. We are not yet moving the railway track itself. That will be happening during the Easter weekend (from 01.00 on 2 April until 05.00 on 6 April). We will then take railway track 4 and metro 1 out of service for 100 hours. There will be adjustments to the railway and metro service.

Marcel Steinbach

Roof sections and abutments

In the meantime, construction work continues on the extra passenger tunnel. In November 2019, we inserted the first roof section into position diagonally across the A10 and the track, underneath railway tracks 2 and 3. We are now working on the next two roof sections between the tracks. One roof section will be under metro track 1 and the other under railway track 4. The first section, intended for the metro track, is ready. We will soon be covering this over, because the lack of space is forcing us to use this concrete sheet as a work site. From here, we will build the third roof section (to go under railway track 4). At the same location, we will also be preparing the reinforcement for the abutments on which these roof sections will rest. At Easter, we will then partially remove railway track 4 and metro track 1, together with the platform. We will dig up the soil and hoist the reinforcement structures for the abutments into their final position before pouring the concrete. We will then replace the tracks and the platform. Between 20 August (01.00) and 23 August (05.00), we will insert the two roof sections into position, on the abutments underneath railway track 4 and metro track 1.

Marcel Steinbach

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