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Cables and pipelines moved for Ravel development

The new, green residential neighbourhood Ravel is developing fast. To enable these developments to happen, Vattenfall is repositioning the heating and cooling pipelines in the area. The cold water comes from the deeper strata of the Nieuwe Meer and supplies cooling to Valley, hotel Van der Valk Zuidas and EMA. After use, the water is transported back to the Nieuwe Meer. The heating pipelines supply district heating.

From Berliozlaan to Ravellaan

The main cable/pipeline route starts in Beethovenstraat and runs through Hector Berliozlaan to Antonio Vivaldistraat in the east. From August 2022, these pipes and cables will be underneath the new Maurice Ravellaan. Once the cooling and heating pipes have been removed from Hector Berliozlaan, this part of the Ravel neighbourhood will be free of utilities and we will be able to develop the plots further.

Cooling pipelines

In order to reposition the cooling pipelines, the old pipes need to be removed and the new ones connected. Vattenfall will start by disconnecting the cooling pipes in Hector Berliozlaan, in order to reconnect them to the new pipelines again slightly further north. All of this will happen in the period from mid-May until early June 2022. We will ensure that the work areas are properly closed off in order to enable traffic and pedestrians to pass by safely at all times.

Heating pipelines

Work on the heating pipelines is scheduled to happen at around the same time, from the end of May until early July 2022. First of all, the new pipelines will be connected in Antonio Vivaldistraat. For this purpose, there will be works at two locations in Antonio Vivaldistraat. The site near Domenico Scarlattilaan will have a serious impact on access to the area.

Diversion via Spoorslag

From the end of May until early July 2022, it will only be possible to reach the Ravel Q-Park, the EY car park and the access for emergency services and suppliers to AFC via Spoorslag, the road that runs parallel to the A10 (see the map above). However, not all of Spoorslag is wide enough for traffic in both directions. For this reason, there will be traffic controllers on hand between 07.00 and 20.00 to allow traffic on each side to pass through. Domenico Scarlattilaan will be set up as a one-way street (from east to west) for vehicles on a temporary basis. Traffic from Scarlattilaan/Vivaldistraat will be diverted to Hector Berliozlaan.

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