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Maurice Ravellaan starts to take shape

The entrance route to Zuidas is undergoing some serious work. Two important arterial roads in the city, Beethovenstraat and Gustav Mahlerlaan, have been brought together with the future Maurice Ravellaan. The result is a crossroads and the first part of the new avenue has become visible, extending off Gustav Mahlerlaan. Very soon, Maurice Ravellaan will be the only access route for motor vehicles in the otherwise traffic-free Ravel residential neighbourhood. The avenue will also provide access to the Sportpark Goed Genoeg (AFC) sports pitches.

Maurice Ravellaan in the easterly direction
Marcel Steinbach

Two hundred cable pipes

Underneath what will ultimately be Maurice Ravellaan, a huge operation is currently underway and entering its final phase. There are now around 200 cable pipes under this future road, with cables from different utilities running through them. From them, you can clearly see the contours of Ravellaan. The road will ultimately be built when the cabling and pipework has been completed and work is expected to start at the end of 2022.

Valley and the start of Maurice Ravellaan
Marcel Steinbach

Around Valley

The work at the crossroads will also enable access to the car park at Valley, the multifunctional building that was completed on 15 November 2021. There is plenty of work still happening around the crossroads and Valley. Rainwater buffers are being installed under the square in front of Valley, intended to prevent water flowing directly into the sewer during heavy rainfall. There will soon also be plenty of seating on the square. The cycle path running past Valley has been closed because of construction work for quite some time. A new cycle path and footpath is now being built. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to use them soon.

Canal around AFC

On the eastern side of Valley, the land is being prepared for the relocation of the last AFC football pitch. Steel piling has been put in place between the future football pitch and Valley to create a canal. A canal is also planned for the space between the future Ravellaan and the AFC pitches. As a result, the football club’s pitches will soon be completely surrounded by water.

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