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Box piles replaced in Beethovenstraat

We told you about the relandscaping of the area around Tower Ten, the new World Trade Center (WTC) tower, back in April. At the end of April, we closed the cycle tunnels underneath Beethovenstraat and Strawinskylaan in order to work on the cables and pipelines. Starting on Friday, 5 August, we will be closing the western lane of Beethovenstraat for two consecutive weekends. The traffic lanes are higher than the adjacent cycle path and footpath (alongside the offices of Stibbe and AkzoNobel) and are being kept in place by sheet piling. We now need to replace the box piles.

Inserting new box piles into the ground

In the recent period, we have removed the temporary, relatively short box piles. Starting on 5 August, we will be inserting the new, slightly longer box piles into the ground. In order to prevent them falling onto passing traffic, we are closing the lane in Beethovenstraat in a southerly direction. This work will continue throughout the night. We have also set aside a third weekend in case of setbacks.


Vehicles travelling in a southerly direction will be diverted via Beethovenstraat, Strawinskylaan, Parnassusweg and De Boelelaan. We already closed the higher cycle path between Prinses Irenestraat and Matthijs Vermeulenpad some time ago.

The higher cycle path has already been closed
Jan Vonk

Noise nuisance

We hope to keep noise nuisance to a minimum by using quiet working methods, especially during weekends and at night. Nevertheless, you may experience noise nuisance during the weekend nights. Although the box sheet piles are being pushed into the ground rather than vibro-driven, we cannot rule out noise nuisance. It is occasionally not possible to push the box piles to the right depth. In that case, these will need to be vibro-driven into the ground in the subsequent week. That work will be done during the day on weekdays only.

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