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Zoning plan approved for museum

Amsterdam City Council approved the necessary change to the zoning plan on 6 October. The environmental permit for the museum’s construction has also been granted and a traffic order issued.

Contemporary art

In the building that used to be home to the courthouse, parts of which have monumental status, the Hartwig Art Foundation (HAF) intends to develop an international museum of contemporary art. The HAF will develop and operate the museum at its own cost and risk. Before that, the building will be refurbished and extended.

Appeal period

With regard to the zoning plan, in combination with the permit granted and traffic order, it is possible to submit an appeal in the period from 21 October until 1 December. The documents are available for consultation during this period. Full details can be found in the official announcement (in Dutch). If no appeal is lodged, the zoning plan, environmental permit and traffic order will become irrevocable from 2 December 2022. After that, further information will follow on the proposed schedule and next steps.

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