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Two trees to be replanted to create space for 'Boog' plot

This involves two plane trees that will be given a new home in Bijlmerdreef in Amsterdam Zuidoost. We are replanting the trees just before the bird nesting season starts. The other trees next to the ‘Boog’ plot can remain in place. By replanting the two trees, we are creating space for construction traffic to access the building site in the future. On the plot, which takes its name from the bend that, until 2019, the Amstelveen line used to take in the direction of Amsterdam Zuid station, will be home to the head offices of BNP Paribas Nederland, Arcadis and G&S Vastgoed who are jointly developing the building under the name CubeHouse.

Between 01.00 and 05.00

We are replanting the trees between the hours of 01.00 and 05.00 in the night of 15-16 March. During the day on 14 March, there will also be some work in preparation for the replanting. While the trees are being removed, traffic controllers will be on hand to divert traffic around the work.

Development of ‘Boog’ plot

Last summer, we also moved the Streets of The World photo exhibition from Arnold Schönberglaan to Eduard van Beinumstraat, because it was on the edge of the ‘Boog’ plot. Work on construction of the new office is scheduled to start in the last quarter of this year. It is expected to last around two years. We will of course keep you posted on developments on the ‘Boog’ plot.

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