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Streets of the World moves to Van Beinumstraat

In Bogotá, Colombia, a group of children walk to school, with books under their arms. In Bissau (the capital of Guinea-Bissau in Africa), we see barefooted boys playing football in the red sand, and, in Amsterdam, there’s a picture of friends having fun on a boat in the canal. Streets of the World shows images of people in all 195 of the world’s capitals. All of these pictures have one thing in common. They invoke a certain level of recognition, even though they depict scenes that may be taking place on the other side of the planet. In all of his pictures, photographer Jeroen Swols – who spent a seven-year journey travelling the world on this mega-project – succeeds in capturing the extraordinary nature of everyday life.

Zuidasdok construction site

For more than three years, Streets of the World was on display in Arnold Schönberglaan, next to Mahlerplein. This 230-m long photo exhibition was at risk of falling apart because the so-called ‘Boog’ plot is about to be developed. But the setting up of a construction site for Zuidasdok on the north side of the A10, along Eduard van Beinumstraat, created room for the series of photos. Since the summer of 2022, Streets of the World has taken pride of place on the fencing around the site. From Kathmandu to La Paz and from Port Louis to Toronto – anyone walking from Zuidplein to Parnassusweg, or in the other direction, can now gaze in wonder at the entire world.

195 capitals in the picture

Eduard van Beinumplein

Eduard van Beinumstraat has been closed for almost three years to enable the renovation of 2Amsterdam. In the period ahead, we’re working hard to make this busy piece of Zuidas into a pleasant place again. We widened the footpath alongside Streets of the World to 6 m. We installed additional cycle racks next to Parnassusweg and laid concrete floor slabs on the east side (which in future will be known as Eduard van Beinumplein). At the centre of this square, space has been created for a water-retardant green infiltration strip that is still to be planted up. We will also be installing traffic bollards between Eduard van Beinumstraat and Eduard van Beinumplein, preventing vehicles from reaching the square and making the area more attractive for pedestrians.

Water-retardant green strip

Renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station

It has been necessary to set up the construction site in Eduard van Beinumstraat to enable the renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station. Ultimately, in 2027, this will be the site of the northern entrance of the new Brittenpassage. Until then, we can use it to store materials and pre-build parts of the roof of the new station passageway. In the summer, we will be placing a hut on the site. This will remain in place for several years, until construction starts here on the northern tunnel into which the A10 Zuid will ultimately disappear.

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