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‘Ceci’, 25 apartments next to Stepstone

Project developer Being won the tender that was that was launched in October 2023. Being developed the vision for this plot, in alliance with architects’ firm Space Encounters. The complex will be in Kenniskwartier, the innovation district close to VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC (VUmc location).

‘Ceci n’est pas une maison’

The full name of the complex containing 25 apartments is ‘Ceci n’est pas une maison’. This says something about the ambitions of the complex, because it is ‘not only a place to live in, but a breeding ground for art, culture and a thriving community’, according to Being.

Apartments and hospitality

The approximately 25 private-sector owner-occupied homes will have a gross floor area of 3,250 sq. m., and will be upwards of 70 sq. m. in size. For the commercial amenity on the ground floor, 250 sq. m. of gross floor area will be available. The complex will be build on the corner of Gustav Mahlerlaan and the future Jaddanbaikade (which takes its name from the composer Jaddanbai). This is a sunny corner, which is well-suited for street-facing hospitality with a terrace. To the rear, Ceci will overlook the future Florence Pricehof area, where The Pulse of Amsterdam, scheduled for completion later this year, is also located.

Location of the Ceci complex in Kenniskwartier


The design by Space Encounters features horizontal, curved ledges in a pale, mother-of-pearl shade. In common with the open, double-height plinth, this emphasises the building’s function as a corner property. On the Gustav Mahlerlaan side, the complex will have a metropolitan feel, with a more expressive and informal look on the Jaddanbaikade side.


The sustainability ambitions of the Ceci building are impressive, and include integrated solar panelling. The load-bearing structure consists of columns and beams that are visible and tangible from inside and out. But, according to Being, ‘our sustainability ambitions for ‘Ceci’ go beyond energy efficiency alone. We’re aiming to achieve a building that embodies well-being, aesthetics and comfort. ‘Ceci’ will bring creativity and business together, enabling cross-pollination between different disciplines and worlds.’

Construction and completion

Construction work on Ceci is expected to start in 2025. With an estimated construction time of 1.5 years, the building is likely to open by the end of 2026 at the earliest.

Ceci will be part of the Kenniskwartier, an innovation district and new residential neighbourhood in one. This neighbourhood will include space for approximately 2,700 homes. These are being divided up according to the 40-40-20 policy: 40% social rental housing, 40% mid-market rental and 20% private sector. Another major development in Kenniskwartier is currently The Pulse of Amsterdam building. Featuring housing, offices and amenities, including a cinema, it is set to be completed by the end of 2024.

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